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Roastwell began servicing the hospitality industry in 1999 with a coffee solution comprised of specialty coffee beans, commercial coffee equipment and services.  Our customers value the Italian-inspired tradition of espresso beverages (cappuccino, americano, caffe-latte, etc.).  Slow-roasted, single origin coffee beans are central to creating a special in-cup experience.

In 2009 Roastwell extended its experience in coffee bean roasting to the exotic nut market, with the launch of an in-store coffee and nut demonstration roaster.  Visitors to our retail customers are able to view the roasting process in the local store.

Hot air roasting of coffee beans and exotic nuts is an established practice in health-conscious markets of Europe and America.  The health advantages of raw exotic nuts (Almond, Macadamia, etc.) are well documented.  Our nuts are lightly-roasted to enhance aroma and create a pleasurable “crunchy” experience, without detracting from their natural nutrition and health benefits.

In 2011 Roastwell introduced Himalayan salted varieties, extending the added benefits of natural “pink” Himalayan rock salt to our nut lines.